League Rules

Here you will find the Mid Lancashire League’s Rules
2019-2020 Season



  1. That the Mid Lancashire Badminton League (the League) shall consist of clubs approved at the AGM or at any meeting of the Executive Committee.
  2. That the Officers of the League shall be the Chairman, Vice Chairman, League Secretary, Match Secretary, Registration Secretary, Treasurer, Tournament Secretary, Cup Match Secretary, Inter League Secretary and Publicity Secretary.
  3. (a) That the management of the League shall be vested in an Executive Committee comprising the Officers of the League, a representative of each club and sub committees elected annually to assist.

(b) Clubs not represented at the Executive Meetings of the League shall be fined £10 for each meeting at which they are not represented.

(c) A ‘good conduct’ deposit of £20 per club shall be placed with the Treasurer at the registration meeting.  Any balance, after deduction of fines (if any) will be available for return to each club at the first Executive Committee meeting after the ensuing AGM.

(d) The Treasurer shall notify the Executive Meeting of any fines due under rules 3b, 7c, 25, 26d, 29e, 36b, 37c, 37g, 37h, 50 and 51 for ratification.

(e) Written nominations for all Officers posts, including nominations for serving Officers must be in the hands of the League Secretary by 31st March

  1. That the League Secretary shall inform all club secretaries, by post or email, of the time and place of extra meetings giving at least seven days notice.
  2. That any alterations to rules shall only be made at the AGM and proposals regarding such changes must be in the hands of the Secretary by 31st No rule shall be open for discussion unless there is a proposal on the agenda concerning that rule.
  3. No decision shall be made on any matter which is not on the agenda sent to clubs in advance of the meeting.
  4. (a) That all members of the League shall be members of the Lancashire County Badminton Association (LCBA) and of Badminton England (BE) and shall pay the appropriate registration fee to BE or whatever may subsequently be required.

(b) League members who register after the initial block registration must also be registered with LCBA and BE.  Mid Lancs fees should be sent to the Registration Secretary, whilst all other fees should be sent to BE or wherever may subsequently be required.

(c) Any fines levied on the League by either BE or LCBA for non payment of fees or late payment of fees will be passed on to the club concerned for payment within 14 days of correspondence from the League Officer.  Failure to do so will lead to the deduction of the fine from the club’s deposit and, additionally, the deduction of a £5 administration fee.

  1. (a) The all complaints shall be received by the League Secretary or Match Secretary, in writing or email within 14 days of the incident with a copy to the opposing club secretary (if any). Responses to the complaint should be made, in writing, and received by the League Secretary within 21 days of the incident, with a copy to the opposing club secretary. Such complaints shall be investigated by a Rules and Disputes Committee, consisting of the Officers of the League, together with the secretaries concerned.  The decision of the Committee shall be reported to the next executive meeting.  In the case of dispute about the Committee’s decision, appeals will go to an Appeals Committee which will comprise of Officers who were not part of the original Rules and Disputes Committee.  The decision of the Appeals Committee will be reported to the next Executive Meeting and will be final.  Verbal complains will be ignored

(b) Any registered club(s) and/or player(s) who is/are in dispute with the League shall be suspended from all activities of the League with immediate effect.  Any such suspension(s) shall be reviewed by the League when the dispute(s) is/are resolved.

(c) The League has the right to refuse registration of any club(s) and/or player(s).

  1.  That all members not referred to in these rules shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee.
  2.  That at the AGM any registered member of the League shall have the right to vote. At Executive Meetings, each team shall have one vote. At all meetings, the Officers shall each have one vote with the Chair Person having the casting vote.
  3. Clubs not represented at any meeting shall themselves make the effort to find out what has taken place and no excuse will be accepted if any club fails to comply with any decision taken at a meeting when they were not present.
  4. (a) new clubs and additional teams from existing clubs wishing to join the League shall submit their request in writing to the League Secretary before the AGM.

(b) New clubs shall include a £20 deposit as per rule 3c.

(c) Teams applying to join the League shall normally enter the competition in the lowest division.  If it is considered to be to the advantage of the League to do so then the new team may be placed in a higher division as decided by the Fixtures and Handicapping Committee on behalf of the Executive Committee.



  1. That there shall be an annual fee for each registered player which will entitle the player to a copy of the League Handbook. The registration fee shall accompany the registration application and no registration will be accepted unless accompanied by the correct fee. The fee for the season will be £10 (see also rule 7).  Insurance is the sole responsibility of each club and each individual member of the League.  DUE TO THE LEAGUE GOING FORWARD WITH A WEBSITE, THIS ANNUAL FEE NO LONGER INCLUDES THE ENTITLEMENT FOR EACH PLAYER TO BE PROVIDED WITH A LEAGUE HANDBOOK AND WILL BE REVIEWED AT THE NEXT MEETING.



  1. (a) That all games within the League are played under The Laws of Badminton as adopted by the International Badminton Federation (IBF) and Badminton England (BE) with the exception that all games will be played under the traditional 15 point scoring system.

(b) Only the serving side can add points to its score.

(c) A game is won by the first side to score 15 points, except as provided in rule 14d.

(d) If the score becomes 14 all, the side which first reached 14 points shall have the choice of “setting” or “not setting” the game.  This choice can only be made when the score is first reached and must be made before the next service is delivered.  If the game has been set, the score is called “14 all” and the side reaching 17 points first wins the game.

(e) The side winning the first game of an event, serves first in the second game of the event (see rule 23)

(f) All games shall be played on a full size court, where the structure of the buildings and circumstances permit.  On all courts the distance from the net to the short service line shall be 1,980 meters.

  1. (a) That a team shall consist of three ladies and three gentlemen all of whom must be bona fide members of the club and registered with the League.

(b) The games from a maximum of 3 players who have or intent to represent another League in the current season in the LCBA Inter League will count towards the match result.  Best returns from the 4th and subsequent players affected by this rule will be discounted and games won transferred to the opposition.  The 4th and/or subsequent ineligible player or players will be adjusted on when they were registered with the League and if 1 or more players were registered at the start of the season or at same time during the season it is the best performing player in any match or matches they have played in.

(c) Players who are either known to be or intend to be ineligible to represent the Mid Lancashire League teams shall be clearly identified on the registration list at the start of the season and on the match card with an asterisk.

  1. Players will be allowed to wear coloured outfits for all tournaments and matches (within reasonable limits). Football kit is not allowed and shorts should be tailored. Tracksuits should not be worn during play, unless it is necessary due to hall conditions (ie. Very low temperature).
  2. (a) That a player may be registered by, and play for only one club at a time. Requests for transfer of registration must be made by the player concerned on an official transfer form available from the League or Registration Secretary on application. If the transfer is permitted, a further registration fee must be paid, and the player will be notified of the date upon which the transfer will be effective.  This will be 7 days from the date of acceptance of the transfer.

(b) Registration forms, supplied by the League, must name each individual player otherwise the registration will not be accepted.  The secretary of each club, not the individual player, will then forward the forms to the League with the correct remittance.  No request for transfer of registration will be considered until at least 7 days have lapsed from the date that the registration was received by the Registration Secretary.

  1. Any club registering a player during the course of the season in order to gain an unfair advantage in a match shall at the discretion of the Officers of the League forfeit any games that player takes part in. “Unfair advantage” is defined as the use of a player in limited but critical matches to influence the outcomes of the divisions. Any club or Officer of the League can raise concerns about “unfair advantage”.  The club accused of gaining unfair will have the opportunity to defend their position to the Officers of the League.
  2. That the home team shall be responsible for:-

(a) The place of playing.

(b) The provision of an adequate supply of NEW shuttlecocks of any appropriate standard!

(c) The provision of a scorer may be provided at the request of any player

(d) All League matches shall be played with feathered shuttlecocks.

  1. That all faults and lets relating to the structure of the building shall be clearly defined and stated by the home team prior to beginning the match.
  2. That both home and visiting captains shall complete a score sheet with their team declared in order of play, prior to commencing the match.
  3. That matches shall start at the time stated in the Handbook/Website. If one team is unable to begin the match in the order on the card, or as agreed, by the starting time quoted in the Handbook/Website, the team ready to start may claim Event Number 1 on the card. If after 20 minutes one team is still unable to begin, the team ready to start may also claim Event Number 2 on the card and after 40 minutes Event Number 2.  The match may be claimed after one hour.  Play must be continuous.
  4. (a) That all League matches shall consist of 9 events of 2 games each, and events shall be played in the order on the scorecard, or as agreed between both captains. Each League match shall consist of 5 mixed doubles, 2 men’s doubles and 2 ladies’ doubles.

(b) If a team does not have 6 players, the opposing team will choose the order of play.

  1. (a) That, subject to the agreement of the opposing captsin, substitutes may be allowed, in the event of injuries, in the remaining games, substitutes must not be members of the team which has already been declared, nor of another team playing on the same night.

(b) If a player is injured partway through a Cup Match and has to concede, the game and any subsequent games, as no substitution is available, then the injured player retains the points won and the opposing team wins the game to 15 points at the current score, and any subsequent games.

  1. That the home team shall be responsible for ensuring the scorecard is received by the Match Secretary within 48 hours of the match being played. The printed scorecard provided by the League shall be used and shall be fully completed before dispatch. Any team failing to comply with this rule will result in a £10 fine.
  2. (a) Each League match shall be worth a value of 4 league points, 4 points for winning 13 or more games; 3 points for winning 10, 11 or 12 games; 2 points for winning 9 games; 1 point for the team winning 6, 7 or 8 games.

(b) When a complete match is conceded then the result shall be 18 – 0 to the team prepared to fulfill the fixture.  All games recorded as 15 – 0.

(c) The reason for the concession shall be submitted by the conceding club in writing to the Match Secretary for consideration.

(d) Any club conceding a League fixture shall pay a fine of £10 to the League and the conceding team will have one league point deducted from their current league points total.

(e) Any club failing to fulfill a fixture on the due date, except under the terms of rule 30, shall be liable for any claim made in writing to the League by their opponents, up to a maximum of £40.

  1. With equal league points, then the game difference will decide. If the teams still cannot be separated the Championship shall be shared.
  2. The Fixtures and Handicapping Committee has the authority to consider revising the League formation and to amend accordingly any associated rules. That two teams at the top of each division shall be promoted, and two teams at the bottom of each division shall be relegated each season. In cases where a team resigns after the league formation has been established, then the resigning team(s) shall be deemed to occupy relegation places at the end of the season.  In extreme circumstances the promotion and relegation rules may be varied by the Fixtures and Handicapping Committee.
  3. All matches shall be played on the date fixed, except when the venue is unavailable. In exceptional circumstances a match may be re-arranged provided that:-

(a) Both secretaries agree

(b) A mutually accepted date is arranged

(c) The re-arranged date is communicated to the Match Secretary as soon as possible

(d) If the secretaries fail to reach agreement on a change, the original date shall stand

(e) The Match Secretary MUST be informed in advance of all match dates which are changed, whatever the reason.  The home team secretary shall be responsible for informed the Match Secretary and where this is not done a £5 fine shall be incurred by the home team.

  1. All league matches must be completed within 14 days (excluding statutory holidays) of the end of the season, which shall be determined by the date of the last match in the fixtures list. This may be varied by the Match Secretary.
  2. That when a match needs to be re-arranged, for loss of venue, the home team must offer at least two dates, one of which must be accepted; 7 days notice to be given. The visiting team must give at least 4 days notice of acceptance of the date offered by the home team. Failure to arrange an alternative day by mutual agreement will be dealt with by the Fixtures and Handicapping Committee.
  3. Any permanent change of venue or night of play shall be advised to the Match Secretary and Executive Committee. It is also expected that the home team secretary should contact the visiting team secretary, advising of the change(s) at least 7 days prior to each match.
  4. (a) That clubs with more than one team in the League must sent the names of each team to the Registration Secretary before the club’s first fixture. Any nominated player who plays on any occasion for any lower ranked team than that for which he or she is nominated, is automatically disqualified from appearing again in the team for which he or she is nominated until that team has played two matches without the aforementioned player. The two missed matches shall count from the day that the player first appears in the lower team.  Matches played on the same day shall count as ‘missed matches’.  A player may continue to play only for the lower team to which he/she has dropped while waiting the necessary two matches before returning to his/her proper team.  Should any club at any time play a player in a lower team that his or her usual standard in circumstances which suggest an attempt to gain an unfair advantage, the Registration Secretary will refer the match to the Executive Committee for review.

(b) At no time shall a player play for two teams on the same night.

(c) A player may move only one team down from the team for which he/she is nominated.  If a player moves to a lower ranked team other than the one nominated.  If a player moves to a lower ranked team other than the one nominated below his/her nominated place, that player will not be allowed to return to the nominated place, that player will not be allowed to return to the nominated or higher team place for the rest of the season.  For example, a player who is nominated for the B team may play for the A or C team, but if he plays for the D team he will not be able to return to the B team for that season.

(d) Any player who plays on four occasions for any higher ranked team will become a nominated player for that team.

(e) A player who is not nominated at the start of the season or joins the League mid season can play on four separate occasions in the League.  On the fourth occasion they will become a nominated player for the highest ranked team they have played for an thereafter rules 33a and 33c will apply.

(f) When a nominated player’s team has completed his/her fixtures for the season, no player will be allowed to move to a lower ranked team unless by virtue of rule 33g.

(g) In circumstances where a fixture can only be completed by a team including ineligible player(s) then the games played by this (these) person(s) shall be reported as 15 – 0 victories to their opponents on the scorecard.  Known ineligible players shall be identified on the scorecard with a double asterisk.

  1. (a) Where a club has more than one team in the same division then the fixture should be arranged so that they play each other in the first week of the season and the return match in the first week of the second half of the season. These fixtures cannot be cancelled or postponed unless agreed by the Match Secretary. If this fixture is conceded then the match result will be declared void.

(b) Any club guilty of breaking rules 15, 17, 18 and 33 shall automatically forfeit all games in which the offending player(s) took part.  In the case of a breach of rule 29 the match shall be forfeited 18 – 0.

  1. In the event of a BE International match, a league or cup match may be re-arranged provided adequate notice (ie. 3 weeks) is given. The team requesting the postponement will be responsible for the re-arrangement of the fixture either prior to the next round of the cup or, if a league match, as per rule 31. A minimum of 2 dates must be offered.  Failure to agree and complete the match will result in the team not requesting a postponement being awarded the tie/match and rules 26d and 26e being instigated.



  1. (a) That the Fixtures and Handicapping Committee shall be responsible for arranging the dates on which, or by which, cup matches shall be played. Each match must be played on the normal match night of the home team. If the venue is not available, the match must be reversed so that the away team becomes responsible for hosting the game and the Cup Match Secretary must be informed.  In the event of neither venue being available, the team originally drawn at home will be responsible for providing an alternative venue within 7 days of the original fixture date.  Failure to do this will result in the away team going through to the next round.

(b) If a team concedes a cup fixture, a minimum of 3 days notice must be given and the conceding team must pay a fine of £10  (as per a league match).  In the final round, the team defeated in the semi final will be offered the opportunity to play in the final.

  1. (a) That the teams from Division One shall compete for the Cunningham Cup, teams from Division Two shall compete for the Wrennall Cup, teams from Division Three shall compete for the Phillips Cup and teams from Division Four shall compete for the Bretherton Cup as determined by the Fixtures and Handicapping Committee. TO BE AMENDED ACCORDINGLY AS PER THE FIXTURES COMMITTEE

(b) All matches must consist of 9 mixed double events.

(c) All teams must submit a list of nominated players to a maximum of 6 men and 6 ladies from whom the team will be chosen.  This list must be in the hands of the Cup Match Secretary by midnight 31st October.  Failure to submit this list will incur exclusion from the competition and a fine of £2.  A team may add substitutes.  However, the cup match secretary must be notified at least 72 hours before the match where a stronger player is nominated.  Equal or weaker players who are already nominated for a lower team can be used as substitutes without prior notification, provided they are identified on the score sheet with (s).  The Cup Match Secretary must be notified at least 24 hours before the match where an equal or weaker player is nominated if not already nominated for a lower team.  Handicaps will be reassessed following re-nomination and will be adjusted backwards if at all.  No player may be nominated for more than one club in the knockout cup competitions in a season.

(d) Each team will be handicapped on the assumption that the six strongest players nominated will constitute that team.  Team handicaps will be circulated to club secretaries before the preliminary round is played.

(e) Each team in the competition will be given a handicap of a cumulative total of points plus serves per couple (represented by oh, level, rh, r2h etc.)

(f) Each game will start at love all with a single service, thereafter serves as indicated by the handicap.  Each event will consist of two games 15 up, no setting.  The team with the most points (the sum of their points scored during the match added to their handicap points) will be the winner.  In the event of a tie on points the ‘away team’ shall be declared the winner except in the final when one pair from each team shall play a sudden death play-off at the referee’s discretion using the handicap serves and points pro-rata.

(g) Both teams competing in a cup match will be responsible for sending a completed cup match score sheet to the Cup Secretary within 5 days of the tie being completed.  The winning team will go through to the next round subject to a Cup match score sheeting being received from either team.  Failure to send a completed cup match score sheet will result in a £10 fine levied at the guilty club.  If the Cup Match Secretary received neither score sheet within 5 days, both teams will be fined and the result of the tie will be drawn to see which team progresses to the next round.

(h) If a match is conceded then the conceding team shall be fined £5 by the League.  The team willing to play may claim for costs incurred as per rule 27e.  The reason for the concession shall be sent by the conceding club in writing to the Cup Secretary.

  1. In the event of a cup match being prolonged, the continuation of the game shall be decided by the opposing captains and the person in charge of the venue.
  2. All League match rules shall apply to Knockout Cup matches with the exception of rules 23, 26, 27 and 33(a).
  3. That after the 1st round (or the 2nd round in the case of teams with a bye in the 1st round) there should be a further draw for each round to decide home or away teams.
  4. All cup matches shall be played with feather shuttlecocks.
  5. All finals will be played on neutral courts.
  6. That infringements of the rules will be dealt with by reversing the match result, or by the team being removed from all competition at the discretion of the Cup Secretary in consultation with the League Officers.
  7. That both teams shall share the costs of the shuttlecocks used during the course of the match.



  1. Players who enter a League Tournament but are subsequently unable to play must notify the Tournament Secretary.
  2. The Tournament Committee will assume all courts for matches by the League will be available for tournament play on each club’s normal night(s) during the tournament weeks, unless notified to the contrary in writing before the respective tournament closing date. Failure of a club to respect this rule WILL result in non-acceptance of entries from that club for the next tournament.
  3. Tournament Secretary and the particular group official. No substitution will be allowed after the Friday preceding the particular tournament week.
  4. Any player entering League tournament competitions must be a registered p[layer in the League.
  5. All handicap tournaments shall be played with feathered shuttlecocks.
  6. At the beginning of each session in which the League has entered representative teams into the Lancashire Inter League (Town Team), every club will receive a form to which they will be asked to forward any player who is willing to represent any of the league teams. Failure to return this form to the Inter League Secretary, even if nil return, by the required date will result in a £10 fine to be levelled at the club. All clubs must ensure that all information submitted is correct and updated as soon as any player circumstances change (ie. a player becomes available or decides to play for another Town Team during the course of the season), to both the Inter League Secretary and Registration Secretary (see also rule 15(c).



  1. All teams and individuals winning personal trophies each season shall return them to the Match Secretary by 15th March of the following season. A £40 fine for each trophy unreturned by the deadline indicated in the handbook / Website will be levied on clubs whose members fail to return trophies by the deadline.


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